Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I'll Take the Risk

I’ll Take the Risk

There are always risks.  Life wouldn’t be life without risks. 

And I’m getting ready for the biggest risk I’ve
ever taken.  Today is Tuesday. Dec. 5, 2017.  In two weeks, I’ll be on the operating table getting four heart bypasses.  It’s risky.  At one point my cardiologist said, after I asked the question, “You have a seventy percent chance for success.”

That’s a risk.  And I’m going to take it.  Even though I feel good, even great most days, I still have the blockage and it still prevents me from living my life in complete health to the degree I am capable. 

And so, I risk.

Dr. S, my cardiologist, says, “I can give you another twenty years.”  I’ll risk the surgery to gain those twenty years.  You see, I think I have twenty or more Christmases in me, and twenty or so more birthdays, and a few more trips to unseen places.  

I have a whole bunch more “I love you” words to say, and I’m not finished holding Carolyn’s hand, and reading to her, and loving her.  I need to see my grandkids grow up a bit more, and I think I’ll see a few great-grands come along at some point. 

I have a lot more blogs and podcasts in me and nobody can write them or say them exactly like I can.  So, I want my voice to continue to be heard. 

I’ll take the risk.  Actually, I have no choice.  I take the risk or I get worse and become incapacitated in some more serious and severe ways. 

70% chances are pretty good odds.  I’m helping the odds by exercising, eating healthy, taking my meds on time every time. 

I’ll take the risk. 

And what risks are you taking?  Life is a risk.  We can’t avoid them.

We weigh the chances.  We consider our options.  We trust the trusted ones.

And we take the risks. 

I’m optimistic. 

I’m also holding hands with God, who is with me through it all.

P Michael Biggs
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