Monday, August 7, 2017

What Happens Within

Things happen to us.
Things happen around us.

But the most important thing to consider is
this … what is happening within us?

A successful life, however one may describe success, is ultimately an inside job. 

It’s like a play on the phrase … It’s not what happens to you.  It depends on how you deal with what happens to you.

I never get far from this story I heard long ago.

Two brothers were born into a family with a drunken father.

Time passed.  The father died, and both brothers grew older.  One brother became a drunken man like his father.  The other became an upstanding, non-drinker, unlike his father.

Late in life, an interviewer asked the brothers why they turned out the way they did.

Both brothers gave the exact same answer.  “With a father like mine, what did you expect?”

You do see, don’t you, that one brother thought he was predestined to a life of drunkenness, while the other saw what was modeled and chose a different path. 

Both men acted on their own inside job.  Their inner voices, their mindset, helped determine the future they each faced considering the circumstances of their family history.

What does your inner voice say to you?
What influences are you allowing into your life?
What are you buying into through commercials, pop culture, media propaganda and all other bombardments that surround us?

We get to choose.  We get to use our filters and make decisions for ourselves.  We are in control of our own outcome.

Will we determine what happens within, or will we give control over to outside influences.

Will we stand up for ourselves, or succumb to other’s dictates and demands?

May we all choose wisely.

P Michael Biggs
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