Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Is Over ... Now What

Christmas is over!  It’s done.  Kaput! 

Now what?

The barista still needs kindness, a courteous response, a ‘thank you’ for the always hot and perfect cup of java.

The retail clerk is still a human and still needs to be validated, recognized as having tired feet, working long and late hours.

Your neighbor still has her issues and concerns, and perhaps now more than ever, she needs help removing the Christmas tree, or the pile of trash, and someone to reach up high and take down that string of lights.

Yes … Christmas is over.  The date on the calendar doesn’t say December 25 any longer.  We’ve moved on. 

Yet the good will of the season can linger.  The smiles, the cheery greetings are still in season.  And thinking of others and their needs is always proper.

So, can we perpetuate that part of Christmas for a bit longer?
Can we still smile and say happy greetings to one another?
Can we go out of our way to help someone in need? 

Hunger still abounds. 
Want never goes away. 
The cold chill of January is just a biting as the winds of December. 

Yes, we can still give out of our abundance.  We can still drop a coin or a bill into a tin cup.  We can buy a cup of warmth for a needy soul.  We can give a word of cheer and good will – even in January.

For our spirit of peace on earth, good will to all men doesn’t end at 12:01 on December 26. 

Let the cheer continue.
Let good will march on.

We need it.  I need it, and I imagine you need it too.

We are still human, all of us, and we still need to be recognized.  We need validation, we need to be heard and we need to be loved, just like we did on December 20, and October 24, and July 5th.

The spirit of the season … that is what needs to live on in perpetuity.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
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