Monday, December 12, 2016

You Mean Christmas Means More

You mean Christmas means more than …
    Decorated trees
     Yummy hams
      Golden baked turkey
       Pies galore
        Chocolate fudge
         Cookies with sprinkles
          Dolls and video games
           Golden rings
             Sweaters and sox

You mean there is more?

Oh, my.  What on earth could you mean by “more”?

What?  What did you say?

~A baby?  In a manger?
~A star that lead some wise guys?
~Shepherds and sheep and a sleepless night?
~A virgin giving birth?  What was she thinking?
~A rescuer?  Who?  What is his name?  Where did he come from?

Peace on earth … good will to all men and women everywhere!

Merry Christmas.

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