Monday, June 6, 2016

Own Your Own Reality

Your reality is yours to own, and don’t allow anyone to tell you differently.  Your power of choice is one of the great gifts we’ve all been given, and when used wisely leads to some amazing discoveries and adventures.  This quote grabbed me tonight.

Now I really like that. 

Here are some words that have been said to me in the past and I am thankful I did not buy into them.

“You’re an accident waiting to happen.”

“Get away from that thing, boy.  You don’t know nothin’ about machinery.” 
(This was said to me as a youngster during a moment of fascination with a reel-to-reel tape recorder.  Later I produced numerous recordings, using both reel-to-reel and was one of the first to use Pro Tools.)

Don’t buy that saw.  Why, you’ll cut off your thumb.”

“Oh no.  Don’t marry her.”  
(Carolyn is my best friend and soul mate, and we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this September.

What is your reality?
                                    What is your destiny?

Listen to your heart.  Allow your instincts to guide you.

And if you listen to others, be sure they are wise and not jaded in their views.  And especially make sure they are not laying on you their own fears, regrets and limited thinking.

I think that is enough of this for one session.

Happy Trails as you discover YOUR reality!

P Michael Biggs
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