Monday, June 13, 2016

Live ... Don't Just Exist

Perhaps this is a short philosophy lesson.  Let’s pursue it anyway.  

A quote:

To live is the rarest thing 
in the world.  Most people 
simply exist and that is all.”

Surely by now you’ve been encouraged to live in the moment, right?  In a nutshell, that means as we’re going about our labors and leisure, there are times that come along when we need to pause and reflect on what is happening in the moment and be very present to the moment.

You might find yourself sharing a lovely sunrise or sunset with a significant other.  Be very present at those times.  Note the gentle breeze blowing softly across your brow. Note the ever-changing colors of the sky, and note the sounds in that moment.  Memorize your present moment.

People who simply exist seem to rush past life at breakneck speed.  They never slow down and smell the roses, they miss their children’s soccer games and ballet performances, they eat a meal and in ten minutes forget what they just ate.

They rush to the next item on their list of life’s duties simply to check the next one off as having done that, or been there, and look what they missed.

I’m learning to master this philosophy at this point in my life.  We love the idea of being able to slow down and tune into this mindset of being present in the moments of my life.

And life is richer and sweeter because of it.  Carolyn and I savor our moments.  We are sucking the very marrow out of life and making sure we are in the moment for those significant opportunities.

We practice being ‘in the moment’ at meal time, down on Sunset Boulevard, eating yogurt, walking hand in hand doing nothing except being together, and a hundred other life experiences.  We’re not experts at it, but we’re better than we were.

We don’t want to simply exist in this world.  Our intent is to memorize our lives as we live them.  We love nothing more than to reminisce over a shared moment – and sometimes they are brief and fleeting, and we attempted to capture them in our minds and hearts.

That is a pretty grand way to live, if you ask me.

Anybody can exist.

A flea exists.  A snake in the grass exists.

Our intent is to savor our existence.

We’re leaning into life.  Want to join us?

P Michael Biggs
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