Sunday, July 26, 2015

Be Kind to Yourself

In our fight to win at the game of life, often, the looser is our own sense of self-worth and even our physical well-being.  As I get older, self-care becomes more important.  You see, I
have a lot more books and blogs to write, and speeches to give.  I haven’t yet written the blog heard round the world, which is on my bucket list.  So, here are seven tips for all of us to consider as tips for how to be kinder to self.

~Set aside time for yourself.  Lately I’ve developed the habit of taking my lunch by Green Lake here in Seattle.  After eating a simple sandwich, I’ll sit by the lake, enjoy the sun and gentle breeze, people watch and delve into my own thoughts on whatever suits my mind at the moment.

~Recognize your strong suits.  You can give others accolades, but what about yourself?  What good have you accomplished recently?  When a success comes your way, pause a moment, breathe deeply and enjoy your moment of success. 

~Forgive yourself.  Ice skaters sometimes fall down.  Great leaders weren’t always great.  Everybody makes mistakes at some time in their lives.  Remember, failure is not final.  We learn from our mistakes.

~Take better care of yourself.  We’re talking enough sleep, proper feeding including fruits, greens, protein, and of course exercise.  Keep YOU working by honoring your body’s needs for great nutrition.

~Soothe yourself.  Do your body and your psyche some favors occasionally, especially if you had a bad day. 
  Visit a hot tub
    Get a massage
      Make some hot eggnog or hot cocoa
        Listen to your favorite music in your own 
        private space for an hour.

~Create some affirmations to keep your mind and attitude in good condition.
Some that I’ve created are
I approve of myself
I am a worthwhile human being
I am creative
I am loved

~Build your own dreams.  You have dreams inside of you.  Give them feet and wings.  You are the architect of your dream machine.

A kinder you can produce more than the ogre you.

Believe it or not.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
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