Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Deepest Hunger

The deepest hunger of the human soul is to be understood.  Don’t we love it when people “get” us and our ideas?  That is a soul satisfying experience. 

We want to be understood. 

Negotiators know that.
Criminologists know that.
Ministers know it, along with sales clerks, and purchasers of our goods and services. 
Wives know it, and husbands had better understand it.

We want to be understood. 

So how come there is so much misunderstanding in this world?

Perhaps we need to get back to some fundamental listening skills. 

-Focus on what is being said, not on your response.

-Put away iPhones, iPods, iPads, and all other iGadgets and give focused attention on the one deserving of your attention. 

-Look and listen.  Use eye contact and give clues that indicate that you hear and understand. 

-And if it is appropriate, do a rephrase of what you heard and what you understand. 

To understand and be understood – that is very good indeed.  It is one of those critical life-skills.

P Michael Biggs
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