Friday, January 18, 2013

Aim Carefully

Aim Carefully

Someone posted a document once titled Twenty Things a Mom Should Tell her Son.  Item #3 is “Use careful aim when you pee.  Somebody has to clean it up, you know.”

So true.  And not just for bathroom habits.

-Ever had a relationship go south?  Somebody along the way lost their aim.
-Ever lost a job?  Aim is the culprit.
-Ever made a dumb mistake?  Probably a result of a bad aim.

And the final word of advice from Mom – “Somebody has to clean it up.”

Every bad aim in life has to be dealt with by someone - either you or those who follow after. 

A careful aim is a useful axiom for all of life, wouldn't you say?

It matters.

P Michael Biggs
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