Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Questions to Make You Think

Questions to Make You Think

Have you ever taken a thinking retreat?  I have, and it was a wonderful two days.  I took along these questions to guide my thinking, and I highly recommend this to you as well.

As I review these questions I am reminded of that famous quote by Socrates ...

“The unexamined life is not worth living”

Have a wonderful “life-examining” session.

Here are the questions:

~What is my passion?

~What are my strengths?

~Who am I?

~What is my purpose in life?

~If I knew I would not fail, what would I attempt?

~Where am I going?

~What must I accomplish with my life in order to feel successful?

~What do I want written on my tomb-stone?

~What makes me happy?

~When am I at my best?

~What do I fear the most?

~Of whom am I afraid?

~What is the worst that could ever happen to me?

~What price am I willing to pay for happiness?

~What does success look like?

~What legacy do I wish to leave behind?

~Who do I admire and why?

~Have you ever believed in something exceedingly strongly?

~What kind of person makes me feel uncomfortable?

What a journey you are about to take. 
        Take good notes
           Go alone

If you find yourself afraid to open a certain door in your mind, remember what my good friend Harold once said to me. 

“What are you pretending
not to know?”

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