Monday, September 24, 2012

Come to the Positive

Come to the Positive

I learned a critical principle from Denis Waitley a long time ago that has become a practiced habit ever since.

Denis reminds us that we should always couch comments in their positive state. 

Avoid these:
Don’t throw him a high outside pitch.
Don’t forget to pick up the milk.
Don’t forget to go to the dry cleaners.

Use these instead:
Keep it low and inside.
Remember to pick up some milk.
Remember the dry cleaning.

Denis says it takes the brain 47% longer to process a negative comment compared to a positive positioning. 

This stuff works.  I know firsthand.

Daniel Coyle uses this same idea in his new book The Little Book of Talent

If a violinist is facing a difficult passage, she should tell herself “Nail that A-flat.”
Avoid the “Oh boy, I hope I don’t miss that A-flat.”

Daniel adds this point:  “Reach for what you want to accomplish, not away from what you want to avoid.”

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