Monday, March 14, 2016

Knock on the Door

I’m discovering an old principle that becomes new every day.  Many of us first learned this in Sunday school, yet it is a life principle.

Knock and the door will be opened to you.  Fear not – I’m reminding us of a life lesson, not a sermon.

The ‘knock on the door’ thing is simply that – in any endeavor, in skill development, and in success in just about everything we attempt, it all begins with the ‘knock’.  You have to knock.

For me as a writer, that means I have to write something every day.  I have to put my hands to the keys and engage my creativity in this skill.  And I can see great improvement after seven years of consistently knocking.

As a banker, I have to let my friends know I’m in the lending business.  I have to knock.

As a musician, you knock by visiting the practice room every day.  You knock on the door of your skill and ask it to improve.

The same is true with golf, football, tennis, ping pong, building a spaceship, building a house, or building a community.

We knock on the door of our skill and we invite it to bring us to new levels.  We desire to ratchet our skill up a notch or two.

What doors are you knocking on?
What is your aim?

By consistently knocking every day, we increase our chances of moving from good to better to best.

Go knock!

P Michael Biggs
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