Saturday, March 21, 2015

Praise for the Critic

I love critics.  Want to know why?  I don’t have to try and change their mind.  Critics are going to criticize and that is just the way the world works.  If critics will be critics no matter what, then I can move on down the road and appeal to those who already follow me, like me and want more of what I do. 

Seth Godin has helped me immensely with this idea.  Here is his direct quote:

“Unsubscribers and critics are a gift.  They save you the job of working out who your target audience is.  Not everyone is going to love your widget, program or writing content.”  And, I might add, neither will they like your church, song choice, clothes, shoes, spices on your enchiladas, and your lasagna recipe.

I do not have as a stated goal to “win the world over to like my blogs.”  If I did, I’d write a little bit of this philosophy, that ideology and yet another slant or philosophy in every post and in the end would never reach anyone.  

I am all about finding my niche and the people who appreciate that niche.  It is to that group of individuals to whom I write.

Sorry to lose the rest of you. 

Now, what is your hook?  Find your tribe and make it work.

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