Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Security of Trust

“Trust me.”
“Believe me when I say …”
“You can count on me.”
“Come on, don’t you trust me?”

The words of trust are spoken every day.  We look for it.  We question it.  We question the fact that we are questioned about our own level of trust.

How is your trust factor?  Mine varies depending on the one to whom I am showing trust.  I’m certain you would say the same thing. 

Some synonyms for the word “trust”. 
     Certainty                Belief
     Faith                      Assurance

Trust implies unquestionable belief in and reliance upon something or someone.  We trust because we have good reasons, founded upon past experiences or the strong recommendation from yet another trusted source. 

Trust is huge!

We want to trust the bank.
We want to trust our kids and spouses.
We want to trust the church and faith of our choosing.
We want to trust our employer or employees.
We want children to trust us to keep them safe.

134,210 entries can be found on Amazon simply by entering the word “Trust.”

So what is trust all about?

The one word I left out of the synonyms above is the word “Steadfast”.

If I am going to trust someone, I want them to be steadfast.
  Stand strong.
    Hold steady. 
      Remain loyal. 
        Give me good and accurate information. 

Trust should not be doled out randomly, carelessly, with abandon. 

-Trust is sought for, judged and looked for at every turn.
-Trust is given carefully, cautiously, and with thoughtfulness. 

When I earn someone’s trust, I have earned a high honor.  I am endowed with a gift that is to be guarded and kept as if it were a gold brick.  

If I had a list of ten ways to earn someone’s trust I would be a rich man.  I could sell it and make a mint.

But I don’t.

I do know this about trust.

Trust is earned one incident, one encounter at a time.
Trust is watched for, longed for, wanted and needed.
Trust is regarded as the one character trait, next to integrity, that people in all walks of life seek the most.
Trust can be lost more quickly than it is gained.

If we want to win with people, anywhere, anytime, we have to become people who are trustworthy. 

Worthy of trust.

May it be so!

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
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